Our Products & Services

We source commodities directly from producers around the world,  responsibly procuring, transporting and marketing commodities within major global markets.

How we trade

Using arbitrage, sourcing and origination to trade physical commodities without incurring price risk, we responsibly procure, transport and transform natural raw materials to provide quality products and efficient logistic solutions that support our clients’ activities and competitiveness within global markets. 

We negotiate long term offtake agreements with farmers, refiners, mining companies and smelters. 

We store products at owned and third-party storage facilities in  Europe, Asia and Africa

We process petroleum, metal and agricultural products in plants around the globe.

We operate efficient, safe and high-quality logistics.  in support of our trading activities.


We have a global presence in grain origination, shipping and processing with expertise in handling, storage and distribution of differentiated products, including sucrose, raw and refined sugar.



We operate on an integrated global basis, sourcing, storing, trading, processing and distributing grains from major producer markets. We combine product origination with logistical flexibility to deliver value to our customers. 

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