PT Nusa Indah Pertiwi has a long tradition of trading commodities across Asia. We have the experience in sourcing, marketing and logistics that place our company as one of the most competitive trading houses in Indonesia.

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Using arbitrage, sourcing and origination to trade agricultural products without incurring price risk, we responsibly procure, market and transport sugar, grains, beef and fertilizers to provide quality products and efficient logistic solutions that support our client’s activities and competitiveness within Indonesian and global markets. 

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Soya Beans


Urea 50 KG Bag


Stress Free Transactions

We responsibly procure, transport and process and distribute quality agricultural products and efficient solutions that support farmers and our clients’ activities and competitiveness within global markets.


Responsible Sourcing

We work to guarantee a sustainable future by consistently reducing the environmental impact of our activities. We are actively engaged with local communities.

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Competitive Pricing

We responsibly procure directly from producers around the world to provide quality products and competitive pricing that support our clients’  competitiveness within global markets.

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Firm Deadlines

We seek to  achieve faster and more effective delivery of products and commodities, with a special focus on innovation, efficiency and cost-effective supply chain.

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We built our business on long-term partnerships. We team up with our clients and suppliers through all the supply chain, sharing values and successes. We strive for success and long-term business relationship

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Local Knowledge

We combine the understanding of what customers want with the knowledge of our local knowledge of suppliers, efficiently decreasing business risks and exploiting opportunities to the full.

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Risk Management

We built a cohesive and unified risk platform to accelerate our decision making. our Platforma allowed us to gain deeper visibility into interconnected risks and accelerate our business performance. 


Cape Town

TwoGees signs MoU with Senwes Bpk Co-operative to distribute Urea in Southern Africa.

MSM Sugar

TwoGees and PT Nusa Indah Pertiwi enters the South East Asia Sugar Market with Brazilian Sugar  

Krakatau Terminal 2

Kendari and Surabaya to house PT Nusa Indah Pertiwi’s grains distribution centres in Indonesia.

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